032 Andreea Belu: The content regulation debate ignores civil society input!


This month we are talking with a researcher and an activist from Denmark, Andreea Belu. The topic is content regulation and the ever-evolving problem of the regulators, definition of problematic content, current european legislature and the problematic exclusion of the civil society. We are trying to figure out who the bad guys in this debate are, what can we do about it and why will the current EU attempt at regulating this area end in a disaster.

Andreea writes about digital privacy from a variety of perspectives: socio-political implications, business sustainability, legal compliance. Having a master in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School, she aims at mobilizing actors from a variety of backgrounds in finding sustainable solutions against big data exploitation. She worked in the past for a Danish PET startup and now writes for DataEthics.eu and OptIn4Privacy.

The podcast music provided by Zé Trigueiros.

Citizen D advice:

  • Participate in the EU debate on digital topics
  • Talk to your local and european representatives
  • Get active and organize

More information:

  • EU Copyright Reform – Censorship Machine: Busting the myths – website
  • When filters fail – website
  • EU experts’ fake news report draws false conclusions – consumer group – website
  • Europe Needs to Save Itself From Internet Upload Filters – website
  • LEAK: European Commission’s reckless draft Recommendation on “illegal” content – website
  • Solutions: EDRi writes to EU Commissioner Gabriel about tackling illegal content online – website

About the podcast:

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