033 Christopher Guess: Privacy is not yet good for business


With Cambridge Analytica blowing the lid off Facebook and data economy yet again, we sit down with Christopher Guess, who has a background in photojournalism, computer programming and disaster relief. Prior to his fellowship, Guess served in many different roles in the news and technology industry. He was lead developer for two successful startups as well as chief operating officer for a disaster relief communications system and a consultant for the Field Innovation Team. He was also the web and photo editor for the Daily Cardinal, a Wisconsin newspaper.

We discuss the difference between European and American point of view, the political ramifications this scandal might have on the upcoming US midterms and the ways an end-user can meaningful react to the whole thing.

The podcast music provided by Magna Ingress.

Citizen D advice:

  • Demand politicians to form an opinion on the matter of digital economy vs. privacy
  • Take care of your data online
  • Support NGOs that fight for the right to digital privacy

More information:

  • The Facebook Alarm Bells Have Been Ringing For Years – link
  • The U.S. Government Is Finally Scrambling to Regulate Facebook – link
  • Cambridge Analytica reportedly still hasn’t deleted Facebook user data as promised – link
  • Beware the smart toaster: 18 tips for surviving the surveillance age – link

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