046 Fairbnb.coop and the future of urban living

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The urban life is constantly changing. New ways of using city infrastructure is shaped by technologies and services but also other social trends like types of employement.

After the initial success story, AirBnB service got in some hot water. Several European cities banded together against this rental service, stating the AirBnB is hurting the urban development. Is it time for a fair alternative?

We sat down with members of the collective coop.fairbnb to discuss the future of urban development. Sito Veracruz and Jonathan Reyes are the cofunders of the Fairbnb coop and they gave a talk about the platform in Poligon.

Citizen D advice:

  • Discuss urban development with decision-makers
  • Be a responsible consumer

More information:

  • FairBnB is an ethical alternative to Airbnb, coming in 2019 – article
  • European cooperative Fairbnb wants to make the short-term rental market more just – article

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