056 Daniel Leufer and AI demystification

We sat down with Daniel Leufer, Europe policy Analyst at Access Now and a Mozilla Fellow focusing on the myths around artificial intelligence and the political dicussion shaped by them.

Daniel’s project AI Myths dismantles harmful misconceptions about AI, from superintelligence to objectivity. Whether it’s claims about AI revolutionizing the insurance industry or enabling Orwellian mass surveillance, everyone seems to be talking about ‘artificial intelligence’ these days.

Unfortunately, much of this talk is riddled with myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies. And these myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies can be harmful for the general society.

In our conversation, we touch upon the analysed myths and the origin of AI myths project, the problematic AI implementations and the worrysome political debate revolving around AI regulation that is happening in the EU right now.

Music provided by Cousin Silas

Citizen D advice:

  • Participate in the public debate and demand political responsibility
  • Filter through the media noise on AI and seek our relevant information sources on the matter
  • Fuck the algorithm (and the people who made it, approved it and used it)!

More information:

  • England exams row timeline: was Ofqual warned of algorithm bias? – article
  • Debunking 8 Harmful Myths About AI – project website
  • Europe’s bid to stay world’s digital cop fizzles to life – article
  • ‘F*ck the algorithm’? 5 ways algorithms already rule our lives – article

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