060 Ilia Siatitsa, Caitlin Bishop and Palantir

We’re talking to dr. Ilia Siatitsa and Caitlin Bishop from Privacy International on the topic of Palantir’s march onto European union and the issues of private-public partnerships in the field of big data.

Dr Ilia Siatitsa focuses on Privacy International research, advocacy and litigation on surveillance and technology. She leads their project challenging mass surveillance to protect civic spaces. She is also the programme director of government data and system exploitation. 

Caitlin Bishop is a Campaigns Officer at Privacy International. She works to develop their public campaigning and with their international partners.

Music provided by Cousin Silas

Citizen D advice:

  • Pay attention to the local Palantir integrations
  • Demand political responsibility for decisions that involve Palantir
  • Demand political transparency into decisions that involve Palantir

More information:

  • New York Times Magazine: Does Palantir see too much? – article
  • New York Magazine: Techie Software Soldier Spy – article
  • OneZero: Google and Palantir Are Two Sides of the Same Coin – article
  • Privacy International: All roads lead to Palantir – report

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