061 Danilo Krivokapić and #hiljadekamera

To wrap up 2020, we head to Belgrade and talk to Danilo Krivokapić, the director of the NGO Share Foundation that recently started to raise awarness about the biometric surveillance.

The project #hiljadekamera focuses on the issue of biometric surveillance cameras network that is spreading through-out the capital of Serbia in cooperation between the Huwaei corporation and the local authorities.

What seems to be the problem, how can a group of citizen tackle the issue and what can we learn from their case?

Music provided by Cousin Silas

Citizen D advice:

  • Demand political responsibility for the decisions that impact our privacy
  • Focus on the transparency between the decision-makers and the private sector
  • Follow the continuing battle for control between the US and China

More information:

  • #hiljadekamera campaign – website
  • EDRi on #hiladekamera campaign – article
  • Human rights advocates criticize biometric surveillance systems in Belgrade, São Paulo – article

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