063 Qian Sun and the chinese social credit system

Based in Berlin, Germany, Qian Sun works as a freelance journalist for multiple media outlets in China and Europe. She mainly works for Phoenix TV, Hong Kong, as a correspondent covering German and European politics.

Her writing, however, takes a human angle and mostly focuses on Chinese investment in Africa refugee and migration issues in Europe. She also works as a digital content producer for FIFA, Pear Video.

We sat down with Qian to talk about her work analysing the notorious chinese social credit system, the discrepancies between the theoretical framework and the actual implementation and the possible expansion of the system to the West.

Music by Count Silas

Citizen D advice:

  • Request political responsibilty for every technology that is introduced into the public sphere
  • Question the usability of technology and demand results
  • Pay attention to China’s expansion in the Balkan region

More information:

  • AlgorithmWatch: Suzhou introduced a new social scoring system, but it was too Orwellian, even for China – article
  • AlgorithmWatch: China’s social credit system was due by 2020 but is far from ready – article
  • We Have Been Harmonised: Life in China’s Surveillance State by Kai Strittmatter – review

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