074 Claudia Prettner and the surveillance advertising

Claudia Prettner is a legal/policy adviser on technology, data protection and human rights at Amnesty Tech, a part of Amnesty International. The topic of our discussion is surveillance advertising and the current regulatory attempts to solve this problem.

With the current Digital Services Act heading for the trialogue and civil society highlighting the issue of surveillance society that still remains unchecked, Amnesty Tech warns against several issues related to the model of surveillance advertising that relies heavily on the user’s personal data and uses our digital activities against us.

What can we do as citizens, what can we do as consumer and why the current Digital Services Act represents one of the best chances to get this right?

Citizen D advice:

  • Demand political response in the matter of surveillance advertising on local and EU level
  • Focus on your role as a citizen and not only as a consumer when addressing the issue of tech regulation

More information:

  • France/Germany: Small businesses want EU to get tough on Google and Facebook’s invasive advertising – article
  • Even If Targeted Online Advertising Isn’t Banned – Take Note Of Which Way The Wind Is Blowing – article
  • Factsheet: Surveillance Advertising: What is it? – article

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