077 Sophia Goodfriend and the surveillance industry

Sophia Goodfriend is a PhD candidate at Duke University’s Department of Cultural Anthropology and Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Fellow. Currently based in Jerusalem, her academic work examines the ethics and impact of new surveillance technologies.

She is focusing on the use and contestation of digital and biometric monitoring in particular. Alongside her academic work, she work as an independent researcher with civil society organizations in the region and as a freelance journalist.

We sat down with her to talk about the paradigm shift of surveillance from state to market, about the ever-changing face of surveillance machinery and the ways to counter it as a citizen and as a consumer.

Citizen D advice:

  • Demand local and global political reaction that should follow spyware revelations
  • Surveillance as a service needs strict regulatory frameworks
  • Personal security will not be enough, collective security is needed

More information:

  • Mag 972: The start-up spy state – article
  • Boston Review: Cyberespionage with Benefits – article
  • Middle East Eye: Unregulated Israeli spyware is a global threat, experts warn – article

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