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Per Axbom is a designer, coach and visual explainer working out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has dabbled in usability, accessibility and UX since the mid-nineties. His passion for interviews, sketches and prototypes allow him to understand vividly and explain comprehensibly.

His passion for listening helps people get unstuck and move forward in work and life. Regularly contributing to the UX community through blog posts and podcasts, Per is very keen on promoting the concept of design ethics and is working on a book to help designers embrace ethics thinking.

Citizen D advice:

  • Techies: Start implementing ethical development from the start
  • Decision-makers: Start developing enforcable tech regulatory models
  • Users: Vote with your wallets

More information:

  • All publications by Per – website
  • The Elements of Digital Ethics – website
  • AI and Human Rights – lecture
  • Embed YouTube videos without cookies – guide
  • Design for Universal Wellbeing – blog post

About the podcast:

Podcast Citizen D gives you a reason for being a productive citizen. Citizen D features talks by experts in different fields focusing on the pressing topics in the field of information society and media. We can do it. Full steam ahead!

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