081 Julia Rodina and the civic duty of media literacy

Julia Rodina is the founder of NPO Tuleviku Meedia, media consultant, and media literacy trainer.

We sat down with her to talk about the estonian media aspect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the role of the media literacy in the aspect of active citizenship and the role of digital intermediaries in that regard.

We also touch upon the particulars of media literacy trainings, the role of digital natives and the way ahead.

Citizen D advice:

  • Rethink media literacy as a citizens’ tool, not just a tool for media consumers
  • Media literacy is not relevant just for young digital natives, but also plays a vital role in elder citizens and media consumers
  • Systemic approach to media literacy will simplify and strengthen media literacy programs

More information:

  • Estonia jumps to fourth in 2022 World Press Freedom Index rankings – news
  • Justice minister: Legal order requires same protection as press freedom – news
  • Feature: Estonian media landscape and freedom of the press over the years – analysis

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