082 Michael Colborne and countering the normalisation of the far right

In this month’s episode, we sat down with an investigative reporter Michael Colborne at Bellingcat that is focusing on the issues related to the far right movements in the Central and Eastern Europe.

We start by talking about his work and the issues he’s covering in the field and then move to the issue of the popularization of far right movements in general european societies, the political narratives and media discourses.

What are some of the key factors that play a role in the process, how can we counter the rise as citizens and as consumers and who else is involved? What are some of the main differences between the far right movements in the Western and Eastern Europe, how do these influences play a role in the uptick of far right movements and how do we oppose them on a local, regional and state level?

Citizen D advice:

  • Counter the far right narratives in the local environment
  • Question the political backings of far right ideology and push back against its normalisation
  • Worry about the support system that is enabling the spread of far right ideologies locally and globally

More information:

  • An Interview with Bellingcat Journalist Michael Colborne on the Azov Movement in Ukraine – article
  • Bellingcat archive for Michael Colborne – archive
  • Silence won’t make the Ukrainian far right go away – article

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