083 Dr. Rys Farthing and the children’s digital rights

Dr. Rys Farthing, the director of Children’s Policy at Reset Australia, an affiliate of Reset, an initiative working to counter digital threats to democracy across the world.

Dr. Farthing is focusing on securing children’s rights in the digital age and in our discussion we’ve touched upon the historical development of this field, the many misguided solutions that we have rejected over the years and the road forward.

Our discussion also touched upon the fabled self-regulatory model and its many issues that prevented actionable defense of digital rights in the past plus a look onwards where we can finally see a glimmer of hope.

Citizen D advice:

  • Consider digital users as citizens, not as workers or consumers
  • Transpose workable solutions from offline to online
  • Reject the self-regulatory model

More information:

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  • Regulating online – safety lessons from Australia – article

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