085 Gabriel Geiger and algorithmic black box investigations

How do journalists and activists investigate black box algorithms, what happens once the reports go out and who is blame for the disasters by black box algorithms that impact human lives?

We sat down with investigative reporter Gabriel Geiger from Lighthouse reports to discuss the decision-making algorithms wreaking havoc, the safe-guards against algorithmic injustice and the political discourse revolving around these issues.

Spanning several decades, the algorithmic decision making systems are being highlighted by activists, researchers and journalists and the political discource is slowly shifting from techno-deterministic to critical and human-centric. How did we get here and what lies ahead?

Citizen D advice:

  • Demand transparency and access to your data
  • Question self-regulatory model and focus on political oversight
  • Support critical media outlets

More information:

  • Lighthouse reports: The Algorithm Addiction – article
  • Lighthouse reports: Junk Science Underpins Fraud Scores – article
  • Amnesty International Netherlands: Xenophobic machines: Discrimination through unregulated use of algorithms in the Dutch childcare benefits scandal – article
  • Politico: Dutch scandal serves as a warning for Europe over risks of using algorithms – article

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